Tithes, Taxes, Tender

Tithes, Taxes, Tender

Tithes- Maintaining good standing with myself

Taxes- Maintaining good standing with my government

Tender-Maintaining good standing with my creditors

So I’ve come to learn that there are two sides to having your own business and being your own boss.

Side A looks something like making your own hours, no annoying co-workers or helicopter bosses and long lunches.

Side B looks something like having no real days off, sporadic hours, wearing all the hats (accountant, cleaner, scheduler, therapist, cook, etc) and no-one to vent to at the water cooler.

So why do I share all this? Maybe I need someone to vent to or maybe it could bring some insight.

Lately, my conveyor belt sequence seems to be Tithes, Taxes, Tender and repeat.

I’ve been on this private practice journey for over a year now and there has been many teaching moments. I am humble enough to admit that I have still much to learn before I can truly see myself sipping a Mai Tai on a beach with no cares.

I have found that when I find a good rhythm, many things start to fall into place and I am with less worries. So here are a few of my tips for Gratis:

  • Find a system that works for you and your business. Remember, it may take a few rough drafts before you find the right fit.
  • Taxes are inevitably- so pay them upfront and save yourself end of the year stress.
  • Balance might not mean 2-3 full days off but it’s important to take time away from work, physically and mentally. So practice disconnecting and regular self-care.
  • Schedule events other than sessions and work into your calendar. For ie. phone catch-up with Liz, online shopping, purchase movie tickets, etc. This will help keep you Balance.
  • Start each day with at least 15-30 minutes to yourself. This can look like a mug of coffee, Youtube video, personal playlist, yoga, meditation or a relaxing walk around the neighborhood. Make it a practice and you will be Thankful. 
  • Find a couple of people you can vent to, gained encouragement, insight and help you remain focus on the plan ahead. They will become Priceless.
  • Invest in a mentor. We are never done learning.
  • Practice Gratitude regularly and especially when things start to feel overwhelming or stalled.
  • Remember, you are needed and people need you.

Comments and Feedback appreciated.

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