Pluses and Minuses

So I recently started a new venture. Whenever a friend asks about it, I state “Pluses and minuses”. Some people take it as a negative while others understand I’m just paying my dues. Here is how I look at life. You must take the bad with the good. There’s no such thing as perfection but a happy medium can usually be found.

I find myself blessed to be in a therapist position. This is not a job that comes easy and for good reason. When you take on such a role, you also take the responsibility of affecting a person, their immediate circle and sometimes even more. You must not only understand the severity but also respect the honor of holding this position. Now with that said, you also have to know that you will find yourself drained more times than revived from sessions.

My new position requires 100% of me Monday thru Sunday. I find myself waking early to do work and then fighting myself to take a break. The paperwork never ends, clients do not always show up on time or on the right day. It can really have its moments.

Still, there are many pluses. For instance, I have my own practice. That’s a definite step up. Supportive colleagues and a tight circle, this is very important in my occupation. Then of course my clients, there are no words to describe the feeling you get when you see growth or a client’s satisfaction of their session.

So whenever I find myself frustrated with a situation or life in general. I remember Pluses and Minuses is what it’s all about right now.

Comments and Feedback appreciated.

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